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97: A Positive Outlook on ADHD | Jill Laudati

97: A Positive Outlook on ADHD | Jill Laudati

add/adhd behavior health Mar 08, 2022

Jill Laudati is the co-author of Itchy Brain and a Speech Language Pathologist. She shares the life lessons she's gained by supporting her husband and two boys, all of whom have ADHD.


  • "The last thing you want is someone to not like school because the teacher's not supporting them." - Jill Laudati
  • "I think the biggest thing was, I showed them how to advocate for themselves and I told them, listen, it doesn't matter if you're hyperactive, you're living life in the moment. It doesn't matter if you talk so much, you just want to get your point across. You're passionate." - Jill Laudati
  • "It's funny, you kind of have to look at stuff as a whole, but you also have to remember there's all the little branches that branch off and it doesn't matter. No one goes the same route. It's really not a disability. Just unique characteristics to make you who you are." - Jill Laudati


  • 0:58 - What's in the name: Itchy Brain

  • 2:17 - When your husband has ADHD

  • 4:00 - Viewing ADHD in a positive light

  • 6:17 - Seeing ADHD from a Speech Language Pathologist perspective

  • 12:22 - Are boys really just being boys?

  • 17:15 - Removing food dyes

  • 22:03 - Find Jill's book

  • 22:54 - Book giveaway

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