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98: Parenting a Strong-Willed Child | Megan Barella

98: Parenting a Strong-Willed Child | Megan Barella

behavior Mar 15, 2022

Emily and Megan talk about how to stop the power struggles and explosions in our homes and, instead, positively channel the energy of our strong-willed and highly sensitive kids.


  • "If we think of it like energy and like a spectrum, on one end, we can go into those power struggles or emotional explosions with our strong-willed and highly sensitive children. Or it can become these gifts of empathy and empowerment leadership who lead with big hearts. And that is exactly what our world needs today." - Megan Barella
  • "Negative behavior is often the result of mental energy, that hasn't had a positive outlet." - Emily Melious
  • "I love working with spirited children because they are our Changemakers with that empathy and empowerment that the world really needs." - Megan Barella
  • "It's about best practices in education because the best practices for spirited kids are truly the best practices for all children. It's just our spirited kids are the squeaky wheel." - Megan Barella


  • 1:20 - Spirited children have the empathy and empowerment our world needs

  • 8:05 - How to know if you have a spirited child?

  • 10:23 - How do we avoid living in a constant argument

  • 13:44 - Understanding how your child solves problems

  • 15:04 - Managing strong-willed children at school

  • 21:42 - Access Megan's Guide to Parenting Spirited Children

  • 22:35 - Access Megan's Facebook group


  • Do you have a strong-willed and highly sensitive child? Download the Guide to Parenting Spirited Children here that has helped hundreds of parents transform power struggles and emotional breakdowns into cooperation and connection in their families.

  • Your spirited child is here to bring more empathy and empowerment to your family! Learn 7 simple and effective tips to begin to make that happen in your home today.
  • Join Megan's Facebook group



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