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74: Parenting a Child with Oppositional Defiance | Connie Jakob

74: Parenting a Child with Oppositional Defiance | Connie Jakob

health managing grief mental health Sep 28, 2021

After working in schools for over 20 years in mental health and resilience, Connie talks about the importance of bringing the hurting closer, rather than pushing them away.


  • “I keep telling him that you can do anything you put your mind to. Don't let anything limit you.” - Connie Jakob
  • “How can we stop treating these kids like another number we just got to get them to class. What's really going on underneath their behavior. And that's what I found is the key to opposition. If you can find out what the opposition is trying to tell us, then they'll feel seen, then they'll feel heard and understood, and the behavior will naturally change because the trust will be there.” - Connie Jakob
  • “You can not receive meaningful feedback or give it outside the context of a trusting, respectful relationship.” - Emily Melious


  • 1:10 - Embracing the misfits
  • 4:46 - Helping your misfit to thrive during the school day
  • 8:46 - How to make the broken, better
  • 20:06 - Get a hold of Connie


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